Financial training / courses

Financial training / courses 

Our financial training / courses help financial staff to develop and deeper understand skills that are needed in their daily activities. Also, financial trainings provide with the knowledge and skills for non-financial managers to align with the company’s financial goals. Financial trainings provide successful career pathway for employees.

Financial courses we offer:

·         Corporate finances 

·         Financial reporting

·         Financial analysis 

·         IFRS

·         IFRS for SMEs

·         Budgeting 

·         Finances for non-financials 

You can choose any given category or the combination of several categories

Why finlab?

Financial Laboratory is a team, staffed with professionals, distinguished and trustful partner on the market. With Strategic location in Tbilisi, Georgia, we provide our service to customers throughout the world.

Financial Trainings are led by experts in the field; courses are individually tailored for your personalized learning objectives.

Discover how our courses based on international standards and best practice will boost your knowledge and skills in finances, bringing long-lasting effect on your future activities. 

Contact us if you have any enquiry about our financial courses, we will be glad to assist you in your training needs.



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